"Class made me more knowledgable and helped me better understand consequences of drinking and driving."

-Brie-Anne B.

"An eye opener for me. I am very thankful!"

-John H.

"I learned a lot and now I'm a better person. I will not drink and drive again."

-Mitchell W.

"Compassionate, Passionate, Presenter! He cares about people. Living Example! Great Job."

-Clive E.

"Did a great job creating an environment where people could open up and share"

-Daniel S.

"I learned a lot! He explained everything very well and gave his own personal experience which made me feel better."

-Bryan V.

"Very informative class-Teacher was very helpful in all aspects"

-Kevin C.

"Great class. The instructor gets to you on a personal level, while keeping the entire class involved with the curriculum and each other."

-Michael P.






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