Maryland Driving School is now a MVA approved Ignition Interlock Provider.

We will install your ignition interlock device, provide monthly download/calibrations, and remove your interlock device upon completion of the program. The interlock devices that we install are manufactured by Alcohol Detection Systems (also MVA approved).

**Clients who enroll into our 12-hour Alcohol Education Program
AND our Ignition Interlock Program will recieve a discount for the programs.

Noah's Law is now in effect as of October 1st of 2016. This means that anyone convicted of a DUI or DWI on October 1st of 2016 or later will be required to "opt-in" the Ignition Interlock Program to avoid suspension of their driver's license. This new law also increases the suspension time for those who don't "opt-in" and are later convicted. For first time offenders who "opt-in" the Ignition Interlock Program is a 6-month program. For second time offenders it is a 1-year program. For three time offenders or more, the program is a 3-year program.

For those who choose to NOT "opt-in" the Ignition Interlock Program and are found guilty of a DUI or DWI,
the length of the suspension of their driver's license is now significantly longer compared to the old law:

If you blow a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.08 to 0.14

 First time offender's suspension was 45-days (1.5-months), Noah's law makes it 180-days (6-months)
Second time offender's suspension was 90-days (3-months), Noah's law makes it 180-days (6-months)

If you blow a BAC of 0.15 or above

First time offender's suspension was 90-days (3-months), Noah's law makes it 180-days (6-months)
Second time offender's suspension was 180-days (6-months), Noah's law makes it 270-days (9-months)

Refusal of Breath Test

First time offender's suspension was 120-days (4-months), Noah's law makes it 270-days (9-months)
Second time offender's suspension was 1-year, Noah's law makes it 2-years

To get started with our Ignition Interlock Program:

 Call us at 410-381-0770 to get your quote and set up an installation appointment
(12-hour AEP clients can also choose to enroll at their assessment appointment)

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