DUE TO COVID-19, IN-PERSON CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED. Please call our office for registration and payment for the upcoming video teleconference classes.

Video Teleconference 12-Hour AEP (currently running) 

Class#3 "alcohol and the body & infectious diseases" Wednesday, August 12th from 6 pm to 8 pm

Class#6 "review and recovery" Saturday, August 15th from 10 am to 12 pm

Class#4 "alcoholism" Wednesday, August 19th from 6 pm to 8 pm

Class#1 "scope of the drinking and driving problem" Saturday, August 22nd from 10 am to 12 pm

Class#5 "alcohol and the family" Wednesday, August 26th from 6 pm to 8 pm

Class#2 "blood alcohol concentration, BAC" Saturday, August 29th from 10 am to 12 pm


Maryland Driving School has helped thousands of our clients get back on track after obtaining a DUI or DWI.  We can provide our clients with the state certified 12-hour Alcohol Education Program (12-hour AEP). This program is certified by the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Administration (now OHCQ) as a level 0.5 early intervention DUI/DWI education program.

Important Note: As of August 14th 2014 completing the "entire course" in one weekend is a violation of COMAR (MD Law) click to see ADAA letter 

As such, Maryland Driving School's 12-Hour AEP is a 6-week program. Each week will provide 2-hours of alcohol education per COMAR regulations. Our certificate is accepted by all MD courts and Maryland MVA. (License# BH-001348)

We can also provide our clients with the Ignition Interlock Program.We are approved by Maryland MVA to install, do a monthly calibration/download, and un-install this ignition interlock device for MD drivers. Due to Noah's Law this is now a mandatory program for first time offenders.

We have made an effort to make the process of recovering from a DWI/DUI as easy as possible. Below are five easy steps for you to take to get back on track:

  1.  Review class schedule
  2.  Sign up for your assessment
  3.  Sign up for your ignition interlock device (new)
  4.  Obtain an experienced DWI/DUI attorney
  5.  Complete your programs and review

Classes are currently being offered via online videoconferencing. Please call the office to register for a class. You will need to receive an email invite to attend.
Everyone must get an assessment, Maryland Law allows no exceptions.
An assessment will determine if your are considered a "Social Drinker" or a "Problem Drinker". All of our assessments are currently being done via video teleconferencing. Assessments typically 
last 45min to 1hour. After your assessment confirms that you are a "Social Drinker" you can enroll in our state-certified, online video conference 12-Hour AEP. Once you create an appointment and make payment, you are confirmed and responsible for being at your camera equipped computer (or smartphone) a few minutes before the video teleconference. You will receive an emailed invite to attend. The $120.00 assessment fee must be paid at least minimum of 3 hours before the scheduled appointment. Please keep in mind that assessments are on a first come- first serve basis. Only payment confirms the scheduled appointment. 

Maryland Driving School now provides this service. We are an authorized dealer & installer for Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS). If you get your ignition interlock device service with MDS we will discount your 12-Hour AEP cost.

Obtaining an experienced and competent attorney with DUI/DWI experience is extremely important to obtaining a favorable result in your trial at MVA and the court system. Maryland Driving School has established great working relationships with many of these experienced attorneys. You can call our office or use our website link to find a local experienced DUI/DWI attorney. 

Lastly, you must complete our state-certified, 12-Hour AEP and our MVA authorized Ignition Interlock Programs. Our 12-Hour AEP is a level 0.5 early intervention DWI/DUI education program. This program is certified by the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) and will take 6-weeks to complete. Our MVA authorized Ignition Interlock Program is a 6-month program for first-time offenders (12-months for second time offenders). After completion of both programs you will have sufficiently completed your MVA and MD court requirements for the DUI/DWI infraction.